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You are...

The Plug


Forever providing - you always have everyone's back!


Capital at risk.

What money means to you

You’re the one others can always rely on – not just financially. You’re generally resourceful and are the go-to person for all things. It gives you a greater sense of purpose. Whether you’re the main provider for your family or seen as the ‘grown-up’ of your friend group, you like to lend a financial helping hand when you can and usually feel at your best if you know the needs of the people you love are being met.

Make the most of your money personality

It’s important to prioritise yourself and ensure your basic needs are being met while also preparing for your own future. If you go broke supporting others, no one will benefit, so ensure that you distribute your earnings.

This is not personal financial advice. Individual investors should make their own decisions or seek independent advice.

What does wealth mean to you?

Now that you understand your relationship with money, it's important to define what wealth means to you.

Check out #MyWealthIs on YouTube! A series of unscripted reflections of what wealth means, and what we invest for.

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