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Who we serve 

Saving and investing is for everyone, regardless of your age or where you are in your life journey. The time to start building and enhancing your financial future is now.

It's your wealth, your future.

Why does community matter?

"Community" is part of our DNA. Being part of our community creates a greater capacity for engagement in financial decision-making and ensures that valuable information is passed on. 

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Millennials are the gatekeepers of the future.

It is important to be financially equipped to create a dynamic and more equitable society. Millennials are educated professionals and entrepreneurs and have access to tools that were not available to previous generations.

Increasingly self-assured, confident, and conscious of the life you deserve. You have unique money challenges and despite your lifestyle, financial freedom is a key goal that most of you want to achieve.

Here at Wealth8, we are passionate about economic  empowerment for black and mulit-ethnic millennial men and women,  wherever they live.  We are here to support you to become financially independent and to live the life you want to live. Our digital platform will help you to manage your finances, in an easy and affordable manner, so you can take control of your wealth and your future.

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The economic security of women is not just about women but also affects their families, communities and the nation's economy. 


However, many women still lack confidence about investing in financial products. Women face a wealth gap brought on by unequal pay and career breaks, and yet they tend to live longer than men. For these reasons, women should benefit from long-term financial planning and wellbeing which take these nuances into consideration.

Here at Wealth 8, we understand the unique financial challenges faced by women today.  We are passionate about economic empowerment for women, especially black and multi-ethnic women.  Our digital platform addresses your unique financial needs and will help you to manage your finances, so you can take control of your wealth and your future.


Capital at risk. When investing, the value of your investment may rise or fall and there are no guarantees you will get back all the capital you have invested.

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