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You're just here to live life. It's giving work hard, play harder!


Capital at risk.

You are...

The Minister of Enjoyment

What money means to you

You have a relaxed approach when it comes to money matters and put more importance on living your life and following intuition. However, you may give into spending impulses out of nowhere, especially for experiences.

Make the most of your money personality

Although you love to enjoy, don’t lose sight of your financial goals.

Try to focus your efforts on saving the money you have. Learn the philosophy behind successful savings plans and incorporate some of those philosophies into your own. If spending on your enjoyment is something you do to compensate for other areas of your life that you feel are lacking, think about what these might be and work on changing them.

This is not personal financial advice. Individual investors should make their own decisions or seek independent advice.

What does wealth mean to you?

Now that you understand your relationship with money, it's important to define what wealth means to you.

Check out #MyWealthIs on YouTube! A series of unscripted reflections of what wealth means, and what we invest for.

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