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What’s the value of knowing your money personality?

Like almost everything else in life, your response to money is largely dictated by your personality and our emotional and behavioural approaches to money can kinda be wrapped up into our money personality type.

Did you know your subconscious beliefs about money impact your day-to-day spending decisions?

Learning to understand your financial behaviour can help you spot ways in which you may unconsciously undermine your efforts to build your wealth. Maybe you say you are focused on building up your emergency savings, but you still overspend on clothes or travel instead of diverting that cash to your emergency fund. Or perhaps you want to prioritise saving for long-term financial goals, but you’re leaving extra cash in your current account instead of transferring it over to your savings or investment account.

Once you understand what your financial personality is, and reflect on what type of spender you are - you can begin to change your behaviour, whether that’s your everyday spending habits or your long-term savings plan!


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