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Welcome to Investor Academy!

Introducing the Investor Academy, presented by J.P.Morgan Asset Management. An online education series that will give you the information you need to plan your financial future and feel empowered to save and invest!

Now more than ever, it’s more important start thinking about your long-term financial future and that starts with education and literacy.

In the past, support for those who want to save and invest has been mainly focused on the wealthy but we believe financial education and planning is the key to help our community with the knowledge and tools to be able to plan our finances more effectively.

The Investor Academy will help you’ll learn key investing concepts and develop new skills to help you move from saver to investor with ease.

Lessons will be available on the blog and accessible via the website or the Hub section of the app. It will cover topics such as financial planning, sustainable investing and give you practical tips to apply these to your life.

Our mission is simple - to empower you to make confident financial decisions and start building generational wealth.

Get ready!


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