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A Quick Guide to the JPMorgan Carbon Transition ETF

1. What’s different about this ETF?

The J.P. Morgan Carbon Transition Global Equity UCITS ETF (JPCT) has been designed to help investors manage the risks of climate change and contribute to the solutions, while taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the transition to a low carbon economy.

2. Why is it important and what makes it a good investment opportunity?

Companies that are taking the necessary steps to transition their businesses to meet a low carbon economy will outperform those companies which are slow to implement the necessary changes to their business models over the long-term.

3. What’s exactly included in the ETF? What’s the asset allocation?

JPCT has been designed to be in line with the European Union’s Climate Transition Benchmark framework which targets at least a 30% reduction in carbon emissions and at least a 7% year-on-year rate of self-decarbonisation.

The end result is a diversified portfolio of over 400 global equities that provide a meaningful reduction in carbon intensity relative to a traditional Index

4. What’s the impact?

By investing in JPCT, you can invest in building a more sustainable future, while at the same time benefiting from investing in forward-looking companies and avoiding the risk of being left behind as the economy transitions. Take the chance and invest now(Capital at Risk).

By investing in ESG funds such as the JPCT, consumers can have a positive impact on climate change while still simultaneously achieving their financial goals.

How can I invest in this fund?

Align your investments with your values, take that step to building a sustainable future and invest in this fund now.( Capital at risk!).


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