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4 Lifestyle Changes That Will Save You Money

Before you start making lifestyle changes, think about your motivation for doing so. Is it saving for your first home? a holiday? Paying off debt? Having a set financial goals that matter to you will make you more disciplined to reach your goal!

When it comes to saving money, you may think taking a drastic step, moving house/selling your car) will help you save the most. However, most of the time this is not the case. It’s the little amounts which we spend that add up and leave you not being able to save as much as you would like to.

Here are some changes which you can make to your lifestyle which would make a huge difference to your savings in the long term!

1. Budgeting

Budgeting is a very important step when it comes to saving money. It lets you know how much you have left outside of your fixed expenses as well as allows you keep track of your spending. With this you can see where you spend the most and make necessary changes to be able to save more. Think of it as a roadmap to financial freedom.

2. Quit that bad habit

Quitting expensive bad habits like smoking or drinking will not only improve your health but also increase the size of your savings. For example, not spending that £12 - £14 pounds every other week on cigarettes, (which are bad for your lungs anyway) could be the change in your lifestyle which increases the amount of money you are able to put into your investment account at the end of the month.

That everyday Starbucks coffee really is the undoing of a lot of people. Why not make that coffee at home rather than spending £3 every day? This could also make a huge difference at the end of the month as you will be saving about approximately £84 every month!! This applies to buying lunch as well, pack that lunch box sis! Think of your financial goals.

3. Sell that sh**!

People tend to throw away items which they have no use for. Why?? When technology today has provided you with an easy means to sell items of clothing and furniture that you have no use for anymore. This can be done through online platforms such as Vinted, Depop, Etsy and eBay. Why not use this as an opportunity to declutter your space and fill your pockets. It’s a win win!

4. Use Cash

Apple Pay has got some of y’all in a chokehold be honest! However, using cash more makes you more aware of the money you're spending as you can visibly see the money in your wallet decreasing. Often with your debit card or credit card it can feel as though the money is never going to end (trust us, we know) but this is not the reality and seeing the actual cash reducing in your wallet forces you to acknowledge this.

Force yourself to go to an ATM and take out your weekly budget in cash - turn off your Apple Pay and leave your card at home so you don’t get tempted! We live in a cashless society so this can be hard but if you’re disciplined, the benefit will pay off.


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