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Emerging Markets Sovereign Bonds

The JPM USD Emerging Markets Sovereign Bond UCITS ETF (JPMB) provides exposure to the performance of bonds issued by the governments of developing markets, including Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Governments borrow cash to help fund public services like new schools and hospitals. Returns and volatility of bonds depend very much on the country who’s issuing them. Emerging market bonds usually have higher yields, but may also be subject to increased political, regulatory and economic instability. By investing in  JPMB, you are getting a core exposure to USD-denominated sovereign emerging market debt, but also a strategy that is thoughtful with its portfolio construction. 

This portfolio is a moderate level of risk at 4, please look at the fact sheet & investors documentation provided for further information.

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A Selection of Countries included:
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It's important to note that with investment, your capital is at risk. When investing, your investment's value may rise or fall, and there are no guarantees that you will get back all the capital you have invested.

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