General Investment Account

General Investment Accounts are a simple way to invest. This is a great option if you have used up your annual ISA allowance. You can invest with as little as £100 or as much as you like and there’s no limit to how much you can top up.


If you haven't used up your ISA allowance, we recommend you visit the ISA section. 

Our Products

BlackRock MyMap funds

This is a suite of funds managed by BlackRock (the global investment management company) that provides a simple and cost-effective way to create a diversified portfolio. The MyMap portfolios are made up of ETFs and index funds to provide easy access to a collection of investments that include stocks, bonds, alternatives and cash.

BlackRock MyMap 3 

This is a fund for investors looking to make a return on investment with a low level of risk. This fund is considered low risk because it consists mainly of bonds which are traditionally less volatile than stocks.

Type: Cautious

Stocks: 27%

Bonds: 70%

Alternatives: 3%

Risk: 4

Return: 7.16%*

BlackRock MyMap 4 

This is a fund for investors looking to make a return on investment but are open to more balanced risk. This fund has a higher level of risk because it consists of more stocks.

Type: Conservative

Stocks: 47%

Bonds: 50%

Alternatives: 3%

Risk: 4

Return: 8.87%*

BlackRock MyMap 5 

This is a fund for investors looking to make higher than average returns on investment but are open to an increased level of risk. This fund has a higher level of risk because it consists of more stocks than bonds.

Type: Moderate

Stocks: 64%

Bonds: 33%

Alternatives: 3%

Risk: 5

Return: 9.54%

BlackRock MyMap 6

This is a fund for investors looking to make higher than average returns on investment and are willing to accept a high level of risk. This fund has a high level of risk because it consists of mainly stocks which are traditionally more volatile than bonds.

Type: Aggressive

Stocks: 80%

Bonds: 17%

Alternatives: 3%

Risk: 6

Return: 9.70%*

The above product details have been sourced from BlackRock as of September 2020. The split between stocks, bonds, and alternatives is the expected split when your investment is made. Please note that there is no guarantee that the above asset allocations will be met, and these are subject to change.

Risk: Risk is defined in financial terms as the chance that an investment's actual gains will differ from the expected return. This can be measured on a scale of 1-10 based on how likely the fund may rise and fall (volatility), with 4 representing a lower risk and 6 representing a higher risk. This indicates the overall risk and reward profile of the Fund.

Return: The money made or lost on an investment. Every investment will either make a profit or a loss (or in some circumstances, you will get back exactly how much you invested). *The fund's past performance since inception on 28/05/2019.  Past performance is not an indicator of current or future results and should not be the sole factor of consideration when selecting a product.  

Capital at risk. When investing, your investment's value may rise or fall and there are no guarantees you will get back all the capital you have invested. Diversification and asset allocation may not fully protect you from market risk.

For further information on the fund's investment policy, specific fund risk information and past performance, please refer to the Key Investor Information Document available after selecting the fund you would like to invest in.

Wealth8 provides a simple and affordable way to invest your money:

  • Educate yourself on the available investment products

  • Choose the fund that best suits your risk appetite and personal investment goals

  • Choose how much you want to invest

  • Invest monthly to build your portfolio

  • Check how your investment is performing whenever you like

  • Clearly understood low fees

  • Your money won't be locked away and you can withdraw it without penalty


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